A data center is a facility which contains a large number of hosting servers. The servers could be used for a variety of functions - hosting, file and photo storage, computing, etcetera. All bigger businesses that offer online services have their machines in one or a number of data centers as such a facility can provide the required conditions and protection for the info located on the servers. This includes environmental adjustments for the temperature and humidity so as to guarantee the best performance and long life of the hosting servers, backup power generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical security as to make certain that your information cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A badly performing data center could very easily undermine the services which a firm supplies.

Data centers in Hosting

If you choose to get a hosting solution from our company, you'll be able to pick between five data centers on the order page and you can have your account created in Colohouse (Chicago, USA), UK Servers (Coventry, England), Amaze (Sydney, Australia), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or S3Company (Sofia, BG). We have hosting servers in different locations in order to offer you a choice to pick the most suitable one for your sites, so both you and your website visitors will benefit from big loading speeds. Each of the facilities offers 24/7 technical support, power generators and a number of Internet routes through some of the biggest ISPs in the respective country. Coupled with our innovative cloud web hosting platform, this means virtually no service interruptions of any type, so your sites might be operational continuously. The facilities are amongst the largest ones on the planet and some of them house even government web servers, so collocating our machines there enables us to focus on introducing new services and boosting the existing ones all of the time.

Data centers in VPS

Because we strive to provide you with the most efficient web hosting service, we also offer you a choice where your websites shall be positioned, so we offer OpenVZ virtual private servers on 3 different continents and you will be able to pick the data center location during the signup process. The featured options are Colohouse in the US, UK Servers in the UK, Ficolo in Finland, S3Company in Bulgaria and Sydney in Australia, so you will be able to select the one closest to your target region. We have selected these facilities since they offer the very best conditions for the optimal performance of our machines. The access to the machines is ensured through the use of redundant Internet service providers while their constant operation is ensured by diesel generators and a powerful UPS unit for each individual server. Our service guarantees are also dependant upon the most recent generation of equipment that we use, such as Solid State drives for the servers which will give your Internet sites a tremendous speed boost in comparison to the classic HDDs. The standard of the service we deliver with the OpenVZ-based virtual servers is the same in all five data centers.

Data centers in Dedicated Hosting

We've chosen the Colohouse data center in Chicago, United States, for our dedicated servers for a reason - the facility provides the best possible conditions for the optimal operation of any web server accommodated there. Powerful diesel generators and UPS devices shall keep all hosting servers up and running even in the event that there is no electricity for days while using redundant Internet providers ensures that any info that you have on your dedicated server will be accessible all of the time. Because the data center is situated in the middle of North America, any customer across the continent will be able to browse your Internet sites as fast as their own connection enables them to. The facility has fiber connections to both Coasts and to a number of large cities within the US and Canada, which makes it a suitable location if you wish to reach web users even from Mexico or Latin America. The correct performance of your server is ensured by a qualified technical support team which will deal with any hardware problem 24/7. To be on the safe side, we have spare web servers and parts, therefore your Internet sites shall be online constantly.